Indian Traditional Crafts

In India we have many craft farms in practice. In that there are many unique Handicrafts recognized and registered as Geographical Indications. There are skilled artisans producing crafts with various locally available materials such as metal, wood, clay, stone, shell, paper and the list is endless. Here are some of the famous craft forms from

Indian traditional paintings

Diversity and richness of its culture India has given us wide verities of arts and crafts. In that tradition paintings played major role in ancient days as a form of communication and decoration in temples, community centers and walls and floors of houses. In ancient India art was part of their life. Size defines the

Sustainable Crafts

Artists experiment with various medium to express their concepts. But they are very choosy when selecting craft medium, colors and materials for their craft work. There are few artists consciously picking eco friendly and sustainable materials as their medium of craft. “Coconut shells are very common disposable solid waste from households. How about turning them

Nectar, Squash, Syrup & Juice…

There are many types of juices available in fresh and packed forms. Let’s explore the key differences in these types. Nectar: packed with close to half amount of fruit or herbal solids soaked with water and alcohol. Have to drink this type of juices immediately after opening. Squash: Packed with fruit or herbal pulp mixed

Chennapatna wooden toys

Chennapatna, a village sixty kilometers from Bangalore is famous for its wooden toys. These toys are famous for its richness in color and shapes. Materials used: Traditionally, the Aale mara (Ivory /  Wrightia tinctoria tree) was used to create the shapes. But now a days due to availability of wood artisans started using teak, rubber,