Chennapatna wooden toys

Chennapatna, a village sixty kilometers from Bangalore is famous for its wooden toys. These toys are famous for its richness in color and shapes.

Materials used:
Traditionally, the Aale mara (Ivory /  Wrightia tinctoria tree) was used to create the shapes. But now a days due to availability of wood artisans started using teak, rubber, silver wood and red cedar woods. The colors used in the process are from vegetables.

Artform :
The wood is processed, seasoned and carved into desired shapes using hand tools or semi-machine setups. Next they color the toys with lacquer in a rotation based heating method. Then the polishing happens which gives shine to the shapes. The color is toxin free and child friendly.

The Origin:
Artisans are still using the age old process with support of semi-machines. The process was initiated by thipu sulthan of mysore who invited Persian artists to teach the art of toy making to local artists.

Chennapatna Toys Today:
The dying art was revived by many social enterprises and organizations. They create customized shapes to suite current needs. This creates popular demand in market to this artform.

But still this non toxic tradition toy in its age old art form is best choice for children…

We have verities of chennapatna toys at yaadhum… come and explore the wonderful wood works…

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