Coconut Shell Craft training workshop on 24th & 25th Nov 2018


The Day started with the Self introduction from the Coconut shell artisan ” Mr. Ananadaperumal” about his journey towards the sustainability and how he became a coconut shell artist and Natural Interior and Exterior Designer.


Hands on workshop started with a learning of how to break…Sorry how to cut a coconut.


Participant removing the hairs of the coconut prior to cutting it.


Artisan Mr. Anandaperumal describing the participants on the steps involved in the Coconut shell craft work.


Marking and cutting of one end with the Axe Saw.


“Yureka Yureka !!! I did it”. The coconut was cut without spilling the Coconut water.


After removing the coconut flesh from the inside, usable articles was taking shape. Participants of the training were making Pencil stand, Cup, Decorative hanging etc…


Everybody’s creativity was tested (???) by creating their own design patterns by drawing on the plain sheet, which will be then used to create the coconut shell crafts. So much of joy to watch everybody going back to their childhood and creating the atmosphere lively.


Collected Coconut shells from the nearby shops were used to create the craft designs.


Cutting the shell in to 3 halves to make it easier for holding while cutting the required crafts.


Pasting the Design on the shell for prior to cutting.


Learning how to set a blade on the frame. After there was practicing session for holding and cutting the shell. The session was more of laughter’s when it was everybody’s turn to broke the blade very frequently. The session was more of cutting the blades rather than cutting the designs on the coconut shells.

First day ended with lot of fun and learning.


Second day started with the trainer explaining the participants about the preparation and key points to be followed before proceeding with the cutting of the craft works from the shell.


Drilling and cutting the shapes on the coconut shell. Of course, the blade cutting rate has reduced from the previous day’s practice.


Participants busy making the craft work from the coconut shells.


Cutting line on the reverse of the coconut shell and the cut out design.


Beautiful craft work by one of the participant.


Display of the craft works by the participants on display at the end of the workshop along with the tools used.


The workshop ended with the participants and the trainer sharing their experience about the workshop. Listed few of the them below.

” It was like doing a meditation”

” I was thinking that it will be like a trainer on the stage and telling us what to do, whereas it was like a community gathering and whole process of learning was with fun.”

A couple who came all the way from bangalore was the highlight of this workshop. They said “We have decided on the previous day day night at 10 PM and we started to chennai to attend the work shop immediately. It was very nice experience and we are looking forward more such workshops at Yaadhum Sustainable Events.”

” We need such workshop for our kids too.”

Artisan Anandaperumal told that the “Interest shown by all the participants was amazing. I request all of you to practice the Coconut shell craft everyday for 30 mins and also please share and spread the knowledge to your friends too.”


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