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Copper vessels

Copper is 100% recyclable and 80% copper mined till date is still in use. It can be recycled continually without any loss. Copper was considered as a major mineral for its requirement to the human body. Our ancestors used copper for cooking and storing in olden days; later on the copper was replaced by stainless steel. In recent days copper is considered luxuries due to its cost. But the copper vassals take its come back in market.

Where to use:
Ancestors used copper vessels to store water which balances the three dhosas (Vata, pita & kapha) in our body according to ayurveda.  The method was called “Tamara Jal” where they store water in copper vassal for 8 to 10 hour and use that for drinking purpose.  More over the water stored in copper naturally becomes alkaline and balances PH level of the body.

Copper is antibacterial by nature. Usage of copper door knobs and handles help in preventing disease transfer in public building.

Where not to use:
Copper is mild acidic in nature which has limitation in food storage. Citrus fruits, milk, honey, pickles, milk and milk products easily react with copper so avoid storing them in copper vassals.

Copper has quick oxidizing property and needs to be cleaned frequently. Olden days ancestors cleaned copper vessels with a paste of salt, tamarind and lemon peel. Backing soda, vinegar and wood ash are other alternates.

There is a big debate behind copper usage as vassal. But our ancestors lived a longer life with major usage of copper in their everyday life…


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