Indian Traditional Crafts

In India we have many craft farms in practice. In that there are many unique Handicrafts recognized and registered as Geographical Indications. There are skilled artisans producing crafts with various locally available materials such as metal, wood, clay, stone, shell, paper and the list is endless. Here are some of the famous craft forms from India

Channapatna Toys, Karnataka:
Channapatna Toys are traditional wooden craft, manufactured in Channapatna town of Bangalore district. Non toxic painted in natural wood is its uniqueness

Kondapalli Toys, Andhra Pradesh:
Kondapalli Toys are wooden and papermash craft farms depicting simple lifestyle of people. Famous for its richness in details.

Bidriware, Karnataka:
Comes from bidar region; this is very unique metal work limited to lits orign for its unique production method and raw material availability.

Thanjavur Doll, Tamil Nadu:
Tanjor dolls are famous for its movement and colors. moving head, hand and hip with its weight balance makes this craft so unique.

Dhokra, Chhattisgarh:
Non ferrous brass metal work is very rare and practiced in very few places. Dokra is very unique in this category. Predominantly depicts religious and simple lifestyle if people.

Mysore wood work, Karnataka:
Mysore wood crafts are very famous for its luxuries fine detailed craft forms. Elephant, horse, religious motifs are some of famous art forms.

Bastar Iron and Wooden Craft, Chhattisgarh:
Wrought iron works one of very old metal work form. Famous for its lifestyle figures and animal forms. Traditional lamp wall hangers are famous during festival seasons.

Swamimalai Bronze Icons, Tamilnadu:
Swamimalai icons are famous due to its wax casting metal work method where every piece of craft is unique and different.

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