Indian traditional paintings

Diversity and richness of its culture India has given us wide verities of arts and crafts. In that tradition paintings played major role in ancient days as a form of communication and decoration in temples, community centers and walls and floors of houses. In ancient India art was part of their life.

Size defines the major classification paintings – Murals or miniatures. Murals are big paintings fill big walls. Miniatures are small size art work created to add as ornament in decorations. Murals are famous for its massive size and craftsmanship where as miniatures are famous for its attention to details and richness in subject matter.

Religious and spiritual themes were the major subject matter of most of the traditional paintings; depictions of person, god or a story line were the motifs.  Latter it becomes part of decorating royal places. Patterns, ornaments and   nature were major art forms and portrait art of royal man and woman as major themes. Indian folk paintings and tribal paintings were reflection of their day to day activities and simple lifestyle.

Every corner of its landscape has its own traditional art forms. We lost most of the art forms and very few art forms are sustaining with the support of traditional artisans. Following are some of the art forms in life.

Madubani paintings, Warli painting and Gond painting are some of tribal and folk art works. Patachitra, kalamkari, miniature painting and rajasthan painting are some of the decorative paintings. kerala mural, tanjor painting and mysor painting are famous religious ones.

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