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Pallankuzhi – Traditional board game

Pallankuzhi traditional board game of tamilnadu was very famous in olden days due to its simplicity in its nature. Dig fourteen small pits in seven by two rows, collect tamarind seeds or small stones and start playing the game.

There are hundreds of variants found around the world called manchala games. It has different names in India as follows, Aliguli mane in Kannada, Vamana guntalu in Telugu and Kuzhipara in Malayalam.

It was said that tamilnadu was the origin of the game and spread over to other parts like Indonesia and other Asian countries during the chola expedition.

For kids the game was used to teach counting, hand-eye coordination and to improve concentration. But the game was popular among girls to pass time and spend time with other girls.

Wood was the popular material used to carve palankuzhi. But it is available in brass, copper, plastic and compressed wood nowadays. It is very rare to see palankuzhi with traditional shapes in wooden material. But rich dark wood with deep grain texture takes us back to the olden days.

Fish, peacock, floral and rectangle shapes are famous board forms. Cowry shells and tamarind shells are popular counters.

Pallakuzhi has just arrived from our master craftsman in unique shapes. Come and feel the texture and rich craftsmanship…

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