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Refined, Unrefined, Virgin, Cold pressed…

With huge hype in market; different verities of oils are picking up in the usage. Let’s just get some basic idea before we talk about its benefits

Understanding the nature of different oil seeds, the cooking process and nutritional requirements ancient people started using different varieties of oil in their cooking instead of one best choice.

It is all about the process (Pressing method):

There are many home-based, small, medium and high level industrial producers in oil market. They follow different production methods; mostly fit in to any one of the following.

Refined: Extraction of oil using high heating process and usage of chemicals for purification. This method produces more oil out of little quantity of seeds. Cheapest oil option in market.

Unrefined: Extraction of oil using low heating method without any chemical usage to deodorize.

Cold Pressed: Extracting oil by grinding and pressing without raising the oil temperature. It retains the color, aroma and flavor.

Expeller Pressed:  Expeller pressing is similar to cold pressing which produces a little more heat in pressing.

Solvent Extracted Process: Oil seeds are grounded up to paste, washed with solvent (petroleum distillate) to release the fat content, heating up to remove the solvent and finally, taken into the RBD Process – Refining, Bleaching & Deodorizing.

In today’s market, solvent expelled oils are most common unless mentioned as “expeller pressed” or “cold pressed” on the bottle.

It’s also about the Source (Seed):

Based on the coking process and the role of heating point support by the seed, they have identified three different oil options in everyday cooking

– Groundnut oil (with its high heating point support) for frying

– Sesame oil (with its low heating point support) for gravies and curries

– Coconut oil (with no heating condition) for dressing

However, now Yaadhum has continues supply of cold pressed Groundnut, Sesame and Coconut oils from reliable sources, Just in case you are searching!

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