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Rocking Horse

This beautiful piece of art is still mesmerizing not only children but all age group. The hypnotic motion and the rhythmic noise take us back to our childhood.

History of Rocking horse takes us back to 15th century, hobby horse – a horse head shaped wooden piece attached to a long stick which was the origin of this toy. Children’s place the toy between their legs and run around like riding a horse.

Hobby horse was replaced by barrel horse in 16th century. A cylindrical wooden log attached with four legs and a horse head shaped wooden piece. It was solid and immovable.

Current shape of rocking horse was emerged in 17th century. It was so solid and heavy which topples easily due to center of gravity.

Horse was made with hollow wood during the Victorian age which made the horse light in weight and easy to move. It was the period where the back safety stand was introduced. Shape of this horse was favorite of Queen Victoria which increased the popularity in those periods.

The first world war of 20th century was the decline in the manufacture of rocking horses due to a shortage of materials and the skilled craftsmen. Starting from that rocking horse has almost vanished from children’s world.

There are few skilled craftsmen taking this craft back and creating these art pieces in the same shapes with the blend of ancient techniques and modern methodologies.

Four of these horses have arrived from our master craftsmen in blue, pink, green and yellow colors.
Come, hop in and disappear into the world of fantasy…

In Stock: 4 numbers
Price: ₹ 2,200
Contact: Yaadhum – 09629623044


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