Sustainable Crafts

Artists experiment with various medium to express their concepts. But they are very choosy when selecting craft medium, colors and materials for their craft work. There are few artists consciously picking eco friendly and sustainable materials as their medium of craft. “Coconut shells are very common disposable solid waste from households. How about turning them into art? It was the starting point of Coconut shell craft work” says bank employee turned into artist Ananda Perumal.

“It is a very hard material and has long life span. Its closed space and cylindrical nature creates opportunity to create very unique forms. Forms are not only limited to art pieces. There are scope for hundreds of accessories and products. It was one of the major materials in kitchen utilities of ancient days. It is still famous in Asian countries like srilanka, Indonesia and India.” He shares its nature and its association with regular lifestyle in ancient days.

Biodegradable, easily available and it is also reduces solid waste dumping. In other hand it is unique, durable and very rich in texture. This makes coconut shell as a preferred medium for many artists now a day.

We have line of coconut shell crafts displayed in yaadhum.  Jewelries, accessories, decorative, wall hangings, frames, murals, mixed media arts and table top sculptures are some of them. Come and explore…

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