Chennapatna wooden toys

Chennapatna, a village sixty kilometers from Bangalore is famous for its wooden toys. These toys are famous for its richness in color and shapes. Materials used: Traditionally, the Aale mara (Ivory /  Wrightia tinctoria tree) was used to create the shapes. But now a days due to availability of wood artisans started using teak, rubber,

Copper vessels

Copper is 100% recyclable and 80% copper mined till date is still in use. It can be recycled continually without any loss. Copper was considered as a major mineral for its requirement to the human body. Our ancestors used copper for cooking and storing in olden days; later on the copper was replaced by stainless

Sphere – Event to promote sustainable products & services

Sphere has conducted a meet up to connect sustainable producers to stores and retail sellers in Yaadhum Sustainable Space. Event was organized by 11 sustainable producers and 6 sustainable experts. Sustainable Products: Motherway – Traditional sweets and snacks Thirumoolar – Sprouted millets health mix Nerunjil – Healthy & natural drink powder Yaakai – Homemade millet